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Dashboard Summary Areas
Posted by Asian Fox Developments - Support Department on 25 January 2016 02:43 PM

Under the Title Bar the Dashboard contains 7 summary areas:

  1. At a glance
    • Campaigns
    • Lists
    • Segments
    • Unique Subscribers
    • Total Subscribers
    • Templates
    • API Keys
    • 24/7 Support Center

Each ‘glance box’ is a link to view, search, modify and create that area. (For example, if you have sent out 20 campaigns, you will be able to use the headers to search a campaign, click on that campaign to view and if it has not been sent, to modify it.)

The remaining summary areas allows you to quickly view all current activity with respect to what you recently did, Subscriber, List, Campaign and Unsubscribe growth as your activities with each expands and a quick view on Delivery vs. Bounces.

Delivery are those emails that reached their destination, whether unopened or not. Bounces are those email addresses which were unable to be delivered. There are many reasons for this – the email address is no longer valid, the server was down, etc. Bounce emails are acceptable to a certain rate within your lists.

If you have a bounce rate of more than 15-20%, you must remove those email addresses that are not reaching their destination or you can become blacklisted and it will harm your ability to reach those email addresses that are valid. It is imperative that you protect your own lists or it could harm your own business!

2. Recent activity

3. Subscribers growth

4. Lists growth

5. Campaigns growth

6. Delivery vs Bounces

7. Unsubscribe growth

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