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The IT industry has seen more paradigm shifts than all other industries combined. Change is the only constant, with each new wave following the other in accelerated rapid succession. IBM rode on the wave of mainframe computing, while Intel and Microsoft made their mark in the era of desktop computing.

Our vision is based on the IT wave. The ability to transmit information at a ZERO cost opens up possibilities that never existed before. Individuals and Entities worldwide must adopt and adapt to a new way of doing business, learn new lessons, evolve their processes and leverage on the

advantages and opportunities presented by a connected globe, in order to increase efficiency, remain competitive, and enhance quality of life.

It is our goal to build unique software, applications and services that leverage the IT and assist individuals and entities to communicate, collaborate and stay in touch

Our vision manifests itself in the form of myriad products and services that we have created, and will create in our lifetime.

Ayaan Chawla
Founder & CEO - Asian Fox Developments (Group of Companies)
Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Investor.

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