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Web Form Builder

Create unlimited web forms. Accept unlimited submissions.

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$5 / month only*

Beautiful Forms

Web Form Builder helps you create the most beautiful and elegant professional-grade forms on the web with maximum compatibility. Works great on desktop computers or mobile/tablets/touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry devices).

Intuitive Drag & Drop

Building forms has never been this fun. The all new Web Form Builder allows you to create forms easily using drag and drop interface. No coding knowledge is needed! Seriously.

Payment Integration

Web Form Builder is integrated with major payment providers (PayPal,, Stripe, Braintree). Within few clicks, you will be able to create online order forms and accept payments.



Suited for Every Need

Create Order Form, Booking Form, Survey Form, Contact Form, Registration Form, you name it. Web Form Builder builds them all.


Sell More. Boost Your Business

Accept payments online with your form and get profit instantly. Credit cards, PayPal or Check.


Instant Notification

Form data delivered instantly to your email. Never miss any lead again.


Analyze Results

Better insights, better outcomes. Quickly optimize your forms to perform better using the powerful reporting feature.


Integrate with Your Site

Blend seamlessly with your website pages, as easy as copy and paste.


Fully Featured

Packed with 100+ advanced features. There's a lot you can do!

 All Features

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Complete List of Features

Key Features

SSL Connection
Drag & Drop Form Builder
Visual Theme Editor
PayPal,, Stripe, Braintree Integration
Multi-Page Forms
Email Notifications
Easy to Embed
Save Form & Resume Later
Advanced File Upload (HTML5)
Flexible Recurring Fees Plans

Form Builder

Easy Form Properties
Large Form Support
Automatic Form Scheduling
Limit Form Submission
Spam Protection
Submission Review Page
Secure Forms
Multiple Form Integration
International Languages

Theme Editor

Point & Click Interface
Elegant Fonts
Easy Logo Setting
Beautiful Themes
Preset Colors
Built-in Pattern Images
Form Shadow Styles
Custom Submit Button
Advanced CSS


Conditional Logic
Field Validation
Electronic Signature Field
Matrix Choice Field
Advanced Calendar Field
Pricing Fields
Show/Hide Field
File Upload Validation
Customizable Field Style


Entry Manager
View Entry Details
Edit Entry
MySQL Database Integration
Advanced Entries Filter
Export Entries
Sort Entries
Forward Entry
Printer Friendly


Instant Email Notification
Multiple Recipients
Easy to Read/Print Email
Email Autoresponder
Customizable Email Content
HTML/Plain Text Email
File Attachment
Custom Sender Address
Secure SMTP Support
Webhook (send form data to another site)
MailChimp Integration
CampaignMonitor Integration


 PayPal Standard and Pro Integration
Stripe Integration Integration
Braintree Integration
Check/Cash supported
PCI Compliance (Stripe)
Recurring Payments
Fixed/Variable Pricing
Multiple Price Assignments
Show Total Calculation
Collect Billing/Shipping Address
Multiple PayPal Accounts
Payment Status Tracking
Discount Code
Sales Tax Calculation

Report Builder

Pie Chart
Donut Chart
Bar Chart
Line Chart
Area Chart
Entries Grid
Stacked Line/Area Chart
Mobile Ready Chart
Report Sharing
Interactive Charts

Logic / Processing

Easy No-Coding Logic Builder
Logic to Show / Hide Fields
Logic to Skip Pages
Logic to Send Emails
Template Variables on Success Page
Dynamically build the Redirect URL

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