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Bulk Email Service and URL shorteners together can kill your email deliverability – Email Marketing Tips


In this another article of email marketing tips, we’ll take a look at one of the major factors, a thing that you may be doing (sometimes without even knowing) which might be killing your email deliverability.

We’ll also explore some quick, easy to implement fixes that you can use to help build your sending reputation and improve the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Bulk Email Service and URL shorteners together can kill your email deliverability

The use of URL shorteners is a notorious technique/avtivity used by spammers to hide the nature of URLs/paths they link to and can affect your email marketing campaigns rank high on reasons spam filters with Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail & other mailbox providers can block your emails or mark them as SPAM even if the links themselves are legitimate.
Avoid using URL shorteners and also avoid inserting the full URL link as text in the body of your email to achieve 100% Inbox. Instead, create a hyperlink with the appropriate text, ensure all your links go to legitimate domains and are valid and functional. By replacing URL shorteners with clear and attractive calls to action, you will also drive traffic and see more click-through rate on your bulk email campaigns. This is another piece of the sending reputation pie that can further boost your email deliverability.

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