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Using unclear or spam flagging subject lines can kill your email deliverability – Email Marketing Tips


In this another article of email marketing tips, we’ll take a look at one of the major factors, a thing that you may be doing (sometimes without even knowing) which might be killing your email deliverability.

We’ll also explore some quick, easy to implement fixes that you can use to help build your sending reputation and improve the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Using unclear or spam flagging subject lines can kill your email deliverability

Your subject line is the welcome mat of your email for your recipient and some issues with subject lines are as simple as this: if your subject line makes your email look like spam then people and the spam filters of ISPs are put in place to protect them and will most probably think that it’s a spam email which you’ve sent within your bulk email campaign or email marketing activity from any bulk email service provider.

When optimizing your email subject lines, avoiding the use of spam filter flagging keywords is a great start.

Avoid ALL CAPITALS, excessive and unnecessary use of punctuation (!!!) and use symbols and SP$C!ALCH@RCT3RZ sparingly, and only when relevant.

Also, make sure that your subject lines match the content of your email – no one wants to be promised a trip to a amusement park and end up at the play ground.

An “R.E” or “FWD” prefix when there has been no such previous contact or email exchange is misleading. Similarly, does your email require “urgent action” and is your offer “exclusive” and “one time only!”?

Best practices for the rest of your email copy also ring true for your subject lines. Be concise, as many email clients may truncate subject lines with too many characters. Use personalization, be creative with your copy and be clear with your subscribers about what the email contains.

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